Winning With Wimpy

Choose from among the following articles originally published in District 13's "The Kibitzer"

Imp Pair Scoring (July '07)                                                    Declaring at Imp Pairs (Sept '07)

Asking & Answering Questions (Nov '07)                            The "Stop" Card (Jan '08)

The Problems with Alerts (May '08)                                      Improper Alerts (July '08)

Doubling with the Balance of Power (Sept '08)                     Opening Bids (Nov '08)

Preempt Agreements (Jan '09)                                               When NOT to Cash Tricks (Mar '09)

Super Accepting Major Suit Transfers (May '09)                   UDCA (July '09)

Should I Give Count or Attitude? (Sept '09)                           Switching to Standard Count (Nov '09)

Table Etiquette (Jan '10)                                                         The Value of Masterpoints (unpublished)

A Careless Grand (May '10)                                                   Wimpy's Rule of Two (July '10)

A Play Problem (Sept '10)                                                      A New Approach to RKCB (Nov '10)

Understanding Unblocking (Jan '11)                                      When You are Unsure about Partner's Bid (Mar '11)

Helping Partner with the Lead (May '11)                              Wimpy's Rules (July '11)

Bidding After Transfer Interference (Sept '11)                     Hesitation Penalties (Nov '11)

Two Over One Game Force - Pt 1 (Jan '12)                          Two Over One Game Force - Pt 2 (Mar '12)

Two Over One Game Force - Pt 3 (May '12)                        Two Over One Game Force - Pt 4 (Jul '12)

Is it Justice? (Sep '12)                                                            Redoubles (Nov '12)

More on Doubles and Redoubles (Jan '13)                            Raising Responder's Major with 3 Card Support (Jul '13)

Raising with 3 Card Support II (Sept '13)                              Playing in a 4-3 Fit (Nov '13)

Playing with the Percentages (Jan '14)                                 Patience and Urgency on Defense (May '14)

Takeout Doubles (Jul/Sept '14)



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