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Welcome the 38th annual World's Toughest NCAA Pool. As the tournament progresses, all current information should be found here. Click on the desired links to get to the appropriate pages.

Every year, a significant number of players from previous contests were unable to be contacted because they changed their email addresses and did not notify me. If you know a current email address for a past participant who did not enter this year, or simply someone you know who you think would like to participate, please contact me with their contact information.

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Advanced Strategy                   Wimpy Squares!     SOLD OUT                 

Paying Your Entry                   JH 2nd Chance Sweet 16 pool                     

Prizes                                        RR Pick 6 Pool   

The 2024 Field  (Excel Only)

Results  Final results are now available

There are FOUR exceptional pools presented on this page. You can save postage and pay me for any of the pools above. 
All I ask is that you provide a clear breakdown of where the money is supposed to go.    If you are paying for squares, please note WHICH squares you are paying for. 
Also, it should go without saying, that if you enter ANY of our pools and fail to pay (or make a habit of forcing us come after you for late payments),
you will not be invited to play in ANY of our pools the rest of the year.  We share information about deadbeats!


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