Wimpy Squares


Forgot what Wimpy Squares are all about?            Rules and Conditions

For those interested, I am providing the winning combinations from 2007 - 2022. 
Winning combinations from previous years do not necessarily reflect the chances of winning this year.

2007 Winning Squares            

2008 Winning Squares                               NEW**  A Wimpy Squares Cost Analysis for 2023

2009 Winning Squares                                                                   

2010 Winning Squares                                   

2011 Winning Squares                                             

2012 Winning Squares                                                  2023 Winning Squares

2013 Winning Squares

2014 Winning Squares

2015 Winning Squares

2016 Winning Squares

2017 Winning Squares

2018 Winning Squares

2019 Winning Squares

2021 Winning Squares

2022 Winning Squares

2023 Paid Squares

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