2023 Pick 6 Rules

Payment – ($10 for each entry – enter as often as you wish)

Online: Zelle using crdshrk46@gmail.com, Venmo using @crdshrk-46 and CashApp using $crdshrk


Mail: Send check/cash to:   Ralph Russo

                                                2126 Druid Rd #4207

                                                Clearwater FL 33764

DO NOT mention the word pool or anything similar in your comments.  If you are paying for multiple players, please send me an email at crdshrk46@gmail.com letting me know who the payment is for.  Some of you pay in pools by John Bauer or Jim Diebel.  While I would prefer you pay me directly, we do settle up on pools, so you can pay them or me a lump sum.  If you do pay me for more than just my pool, please let me know which pools you are paying for using the email above.  If you use CashApp, please make sure you friends and family so no fees are taken out.

Making Picks

The website is www.jbhome.ws/PICK6/Default.aspx .  Picks should be available to be made by Monday at noon. You will select any 6 teams in the 2023 NCAA tournament.  There are 4 play-in games (between four 11 seeds and four 16 seeds).  If you pick from teams in a play-in game, you will receive the team that wins the play-in game, but you do not get credit for the team winning the play-in game.  Only games in the final 64 teams count for the pool.

All picks must be made by the beginning of the first games played on March 16th.  Once these games start, the same site will be used to show the standing in the pool (which won’t be made available until games start to finish).


For each game a team you pick correctly, you will earn that team’s seed time each round they win in.

For example:  You pick a 4 seed and they win 3 games.  You will earn the following for that seed:

Round 1 win gets: 4 X 1 = 4

Round 2 win gets: 4 X 2 = 8

Round 3 win gets: 4 X 3 = 12

The total you will receive is 4+8+12=24 points total from that team.  Once the team loses, you will stop earning points for that team.  If a team fails to win a game in the tournament, you will get 0 points for that team.

Your total score will be the score of the 6 teams you pick from the tournament.


While riskier, it is usually best to find a higher numbered seed (8+) that you believe can make at least a 3-4 game run in the tournament.  For example, if you select a 10-seed and they win 3 games, you will earn 10+20+30=60 points for their 3 wins. 

If you decide to select a 1-3 seed, you should feel confident they will reach the Final Four to make them worthwhile.  A 1-seed that wins the tournament only earns 1+2+3+4+5+6=21 points.

You make want to either play all high seeds hoping a few hit and win at least 2 games or make a mix between high seeds and medium (3-7) seeds hoping they make a deeper run.

It is best to avoid selecting seeds that play each other within the first two or three rounds of the tournament (like picking a 1 seed and a 5 seed in the same bracket) as that will limit the available points you can win.

Payouts and Help

Payouts will depend on the number of entries in the pool.  Typically the top 5% of entries will receive a payout.  There are no tiebreakers so ties will share a place’s money.  All payouts will be at least the $10 entry fee if several players tie for the last payout positions.

If you have problems with the site, please email John Bauer at jbfastlane@gmail.com.  Any questions about rules, payments, etc. please email Ralph Russo at crdshrk46@gmail.com.

Thanks for playing and good luck to all.