Entry Fees and Prizes

Entry Fee: $30   Nearly 97% of Entry Fees returned as prizes
Multiple Entries Allowed


                                                    The Champions of the World Series of Poker get a bracelet - Big Deal!

                                                    The Champion of the PGA Master's Tournament gets a Green Jacket.  (It's not even machine-washable!)

                                                    The Champions of Wimpy's March Madness get something really special:

The top 3 finishers get an Amazing, Terrific, Spectacular, and STUNNING 2024 Champion - Wimpy's March Madness
high quality Golf Shirt
. Note the confidence radiating from these past participants.
Could it be their proficiency at their jobs? Could it be a reunion of great friends?  I think it's the shirt.

Never again will you need to sit in a dark corner, ashamed of your mass-produced Target or Wal-Mart apparel marketed to the
mindless cattle under the pretense of designer labels.  Marvel at the confidence exuded by the 2004 Champion secure in his superiority
over his inferior-clothed associate. Note the body language of the man on the left, displaying obvious deference to the power of the shirt.


Two time winner Chris Grande exudes the confidence and power that he previously lacked before becoming a March Madness Champion. 
His wife rarely lets him out in his shirt as he always comes home quite late.
It seems everyone always wants to buy him a free drink. Dos Equis has been trying unsuccessfully to hire him.

2013 Champion Justin Zellinger with an infant that had been crying non-stop for 3 straight days.
After touching the shirt, the baby now sleeps through the night.

You too, can obtain the self-confidence and strength that only comes from wearing a fine garment that highlights a major life accomplishment.
But only if you play, and only if you win. Thousands have tried, few have succeeded.
  Not everyone is destined to wield this much power.

By comparison, the money prizes are insignificant, but I'll list them anyway:

Prize for correctly predicting the final four (61, 62, 63, & 64 advance):                    $150 per player!
(maximum payout $600)                       
(Note: If there are more than 10 players who correctly predict the final four, there will be no cash award, but rather a free entry into the 2023 contest)

Prize for most Final Four teams if no player predicts all final four: (tiebreaker is highest fourth round subtotal)
(For example, 60, 62, 63, & 64 advance):

Prize for correctly predicting the final 2 (63, 64 advance):                                       $ 60 per player!
(max payout $300)                               
(Note: If there are more than 10 players who correctly predict the final two, there will be no cash award, but rather a $10 - $30 credit toward the 2022 contest)

The remainder of the money will be pooled and distributed to the top 5 percent of the final scores. That's 1 overall award for every 20 entries.

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