Paying Your Entry Fee(s)

Technology keeps changing. Most people today do most financial transaction from their phone or home computer. This includes shopping and banking. Many players have sent me checks via vehicles like ChasePay. Although I cannot take Paypal payments, I CAN receive other methods of electronic funds.

I recommend Zelle. Zelle is an online service offered for free by most major banks. If you can bank online, chances are you can use Zelle. Simply go to your online banking site and look for a link for sending or receiving payments.  Zelle should be one of the options. Once you find it, you can send me a payment directly from your bank.  Simply type out the amount you want to pay and say you want to send it to  That's all there is to it.  Don't send it to my phone. The account is set up through my email only. If's safe and secure. It's fast. Best of all, it's easy.  This will be my preferred method of payment, as I will have an irrefutable record of payments received and payments due.  If you take the few seconds to sign up, you should find it more than worth your while.

I can also accept payments via VENMO.  For VENMO I use my smartphone: 6302449292.  Do NOT send any money to @JimDiebel.  I don't know who that is, but I can assure you IT IS NOT ME!!

I can also receive money via PopMoney

If you are distrustful of online banking, you need to take out your checkbook, figure out how much you owe, and write me a check.  Add up your March Madness entry fees ($30 each), square fees ($34 - $62 each), Pick 6 entry fees ($10 each) and Sweet 16 entry fees ($15 each). PLEASE include a short note detailing the breakdown of the money. Checks should be made out to Jim Diebel, and sent to:

Jim Diebel

155 Oakwood,

Wood Dale, IL 60191.

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