Wimpy's Hall of Fame

Although I've been running this competition every year since the field was increased to 64 teams in 1985, my records are incomplete. In the early years, scores were computed on a calculator. In 1990, I got my first computer, an APPLE II GS (Goes Slow). I've upgraded several times since then, but much of the data was stored on floppy discs using operating systems that are no longer recognized by any current technology. It's kind of like having something saved on an 8 track cassette. I was fortunate enough to locate some printed records from the early '90s, but the specifics about any of the earlier years are likely lost forever.  Apologies to those who finished on top prior to 1992, (including Wimpy, who topped a 3-player field in '86 or '87).  The current bonus system was introduced in 1990, and the pool grew from 20-30 players up to over 100 within two years. Here is the list of champions for the last 20+ years.  Congratulations!


1992        Clem Gosiewski                         2011        Paul Castino
                           Phyllis Fogel                                                                                       Devin Warnkin
                           Don Johnson  (Dec.)         (75 Players)  
                                               Chris Grande                       (227 Players)

1993        Fred V Kenny                             2012        Henry Callard
                           Rich Worthington                                                                                 Walt Werner 
                          Jim Felts                           (110 Players)
                                                Gary Rhodes                        (245 Players)

1994        Pat Slaven                                   2013        Tighe Carter
                          Mike McCowin                                                                                       Jeff Seremak
                          Bob Przychodny                (111 Players)
                                                  Justin Zellinger                   (226 Players)

1995        Tom Wondra                               2014         Chris Scheuerman                                               
                           Rick Beye/Chris Patrias                                                                          Jim Bjerkan                                                                                                                                
                           Robert Adams                  (152 Players)
                                                   Gary Rhodes                       (235 Players)                                                                         

1996        Ed Holman                                   2015        Ted Kratochvil
                           Dave Brahler                  (162 Players)                                                   Cheri Bjerkan  
                                                                                                                                        Paul Parks                           (218 Players)

1997        Dennis Ostrowski                       2016         Marty Kelly                                     
                           JJ Fitzpieler                                                                                          Ray Bikulcius   
                           Don Jordan                    (146 Players)
                                                    Ken Pietrzak                        (236 Players) 

1998        Don Jordan (Dec.)                      2017         Christina Saville
                           Jim Humphrey                                                                                        David Ingles
                           Owen Shive                    (178 Players)
                                                     Nick Jasperson                    (211 Players)         

1999        Chris Grande                              2018         Joe Sack
                           Jim Felts                                                                                               Nick Jasperson                                            
                           Jon Passman                 (183 Players)
                                                     Ken Jones                           (222 Players)        
2000        Fred Mason (Dec.)                     2019         John Dunbar
                           Wayne Eggers                                                                                       Jeff Miller                             
                           Robert Brady               (202 Players)
Dave Heiss                          (195 Players)                                                                                                           
2001        Rich Worthington (Dec.)            2021        George Callard 

                           Wes Wiskow                                                                                         Gary Rhodes
   Jim Roberson               (177 Players)
                                                   Hank Heise                            (198 Players)                                           

2002        Jim Ketchum                              2022        Scott Meyer
                        RJ Becker                                                                                            Dave Anderson
                        Larry Bass                   (189 Players)                                                     Eric Hauter                          (180 Players) 

2003        Jeff Campbell       
                          Michael McPhie   
                          Bob Chiszar                (206 Players)

2004        Gerry Sexton      
                           Matt Abbott    

                           Rich Shive                 (230 Players)

2005        Scott Meyer        
                          Ted Kratochvil          
                          Fred V. Kenny            (276 Players)

2006        Ryan Gister         
                           Rozanne Pollack 
                           Joe Filkins                (307 Players)

2007        Paul Astorino  Tied High Score  ALL TIME (3626)  
                & Paul Laliberte
                           Jim Ketchum            (270 Players)

2008        Michele Russell
Jeff Miller  
                           Bill Pollack              (274 Players)

2009        Larry Katzbeck     
                           Erich Adams  2nd and 3rd place!                                
                           Nolan Tully (4th place)        (245 Players)

2010        Jim Ketchum   
                          Chris Grande

                          John Kowal                         (245 Players)


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