JH Sweet 16 Second Chance Pool


To All,




Instructions for joining the pool entitled 'JH Sweet 16'


Please follow the steps below:


1. Go to  http://www.runyourpool.com/join/?id=53176    PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD – IT WILL BE A PAIN FOR BOTH OF US IF YOU FORGET IT!


2. In the Join Password box, enter 'sweet16' (without the single quotes).


3. Fill out the form information, including a personal username and password.  Be sure to complete fully the “Address/Phone #/REFERRAL” box.  YOU MUST INCLUDE A REFERRAL, OTHERWISE YOUR BRACKETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Thank you.


4. Make your picks, with the ability to change them right up until the tournament deadline.  When making picks, please use your ACTUAL NAME, NOT AN ALIAS.  Thank you.


The rules and scoring remain the same as they always have – please read the entire rules at the website.  The website pool administrative fee is based on the number of entries, so I cannot tell you what their fee will be until the final count is in.  In 2019 the number of entries rose to  722. Last year we had 647.  Entries have dipped slightly over the last two years and with this being the first year under new management, it may take awhile to grow back to previous highs.  Recruiters, as usual you’re assistance is always appreciated.  Out of respect for JH, I will not be taking any fees for myself.


The pool website is very easy to use.  Either click on the link above or copy and paste the link into your browser address bar.  You will need the “Password” shown above, so save this e-mail.  Even better, go there now and sign-up while it’s fresh in your mind so you will be ready to go beginning on Sunday night, March 18 - whenever the last game of the day ends. 


Entries (brackets, as they called in the website) are $15 each  and you may have as many as you want.  As soon as the field is determined and you have logged-in, a bracket will (should) appear.  If you are entering brackets only for yourself, your entry will already be in your name (please do not make-up names like “Batman”, “The Wizard”, or “Suzy Q”- use your own name), and if you have multiple entries, they will be numbered sequentially automatically, for example, John Doe, John Doe (2), etc.  If you are entering brackets for someone other than yourself, then click on “rename” in the “Bracket Name” column - with their first and last name – again, no nicknames please.  If they have multiple entries, they will also be numbered sequentially.  All that’s left to do is to click on each team you expect to win.  Simple!


Payments for entries are due by Saturday, March 25.  You have three ways to make payments. 

ZELLE:  (Best)   Account: wimpy@wimpy.biz

VENMO:  Account: 630 244 9292   Do not Venmo to @JimDiebel, as that account belongs to someone else.

Check:  Send to


Jim Diebel

155 Oakwood Dr

Wood Dale, IL 60191


Please note that I am running THREE separate pools for the NCAA. You may combine fees into a single payment. All I ask is that you include a note letting me know how much money is being allocated to each pool.  Please feel free to forward this e-mail to all of your REPUTABLE (i.e., good credit rating) relatives and friends.  Please copy me so I will know who the potential new recruits are.  The more the merrier!  Please ask anyone who has not participated in this pool in the past to enter YOUR NAME  (NOT MINE!) in the “Referral” section of the Sign Up page, or I may very well reject their entry.  In addition, I will expect YOU to be responsible for their payment if necessary.  This is a condition of referring new players: if they do not pay, then I expect YOU to pay (and then collect from them).  I will make every attempt to contact you whenever someone lists you as a referral.  If you have any questions about referrals, or any other aspect of the pool, please let me know.