Defensive Lessons

Very little of the material presented below is original. Nearly all of it has been heavily lifted from other sources, most notably DEFENSIVE BRIDGE PLAY COMPLETE by Edwin B. Kantar. This material is reprinted without the author's permission - and although I've done a reasonable job of highlighting the main points, the lessons are nowhere near as comprehensive as the source manual. If you do not own this book (or the two volumes which now replace this out-of-print text) your bridge library is incomplete. I offer these lessons in the hope that you will recognize the benefits of patronizing Mr. Kantar and his exceptional teaching style. If you see something for sale from this author - just buy it!!

1a. Opening Leads vs Suits

1b. Opening Leads vs No Trump

2a. Lead Directing Doubles - I

2b. Lead Directing Doubles - II

 3.  UDCA

4a. Third Hand Signals vs Suits

4b. Third Hand Signals vs Suits Quiz & Answer Key

5a. Third Hand Signals vs No Trump - I

5b. Third Hand Signals vs No Trump - II

5c. Third Hand Signals vs No Trump Quiz & Answer Key

6a. Discards

6b. Discards - Quiz & Answer Key

7a. Second Hand Play - I

7b. Second Hand Play - II

7c. Second Hand Play - III

7d. Second Hand Play - Quiz & Answer Key

8a. Inferences - I

8b. Inferences - II

8c. Inferences - Quiz & Answer Key

9a. Counting Declarer's Distribution - I

9b. Counting Declarer's Distribution - II

9c. Counting Declarer's Distribution - Test & Answer Key

10a. Counting Declarer's Points - I

10b. Counting Declarer's Points - II

10c. Counting Declarer's Points - Test & Answer Key

11a. Counting Declarer's Tricks - I

11b. Counting Declarer's Tricks - II

11c. Counting Declarer's Tricks - Test & Answer Key