Wimpy's March Madness

Wimpy's March Madness 2024

For newer players, reading the results table is very easy. The number on the far left is the player's current position. As the tournament progresses, the numbers immediately to the right show that player's position in previous rounds. Careful scrutiny of these numbers will suggest which contestants will be hard to beat (because they made a big move up), or are losing ground and dropping out of contention. Each player's assignment for each surviving team is posted in the corresponding cell. TLY (Tally) is the raw score total for that round. BNS (Bonus) is the additional award for accurately predicting advancing teams.   As the top seeds fall, there will be fewer and fewer entries with their Final Four intact.

Pat 2 had a 12 point lead after Round 1, but Cheri Bjerkan had an outstanding second round correctly hitting 13 of the 16 teams in the Sweet 16. With many players still having their Final Four intact, it's probably anyone's tournament to win. Keep an eye on Matt Olson and Esteban Rosas, who both made a big move from Round 1 to Round 2. Will Cheri's devotion to her Alma Mater Illinois spur a championship run, or spell her doom? Time will tell.

After a second round of nearly all chalk wins, the Sweet 16 delivers some upsets. Two of the #1 seeds fall, as well as three of the #2's. This has busted a lot of brackets. Pat 2 has reclaimed the lead, hitting 4 of the final 8 teams. He only has two of his Final Four still alive, and that may prove to be a stumbling block going forward. Cheri Bjerkan dropped out of the top spot after hitting only 2 of the Elite eight, and losing 3 of her Final Four. Her hopes rest squarely on Illinois, which faces its biggest test in Round 4. Watch out for MarcsBros and Michael Jacobus, who both hit 5 of the Elite eight. Luke Stackwalker still has 3 of his Final Four still alive. Round three will answer a lot of questions.    

As we normally do at this time of the tournament, let's look at some of the major upsets and how our players fared:

10 N.C. St over 2 Marquette?                    10 Colorado over  7 Florida?
Luck Stackwater                            61                                 Paul Lewis, Rob Benne                     55
Dave Koelper                                         58                
                    Paul Astorino                                            54
Catey Cohen                                          57                 
                   Matt Tracy                                           53      
11 Duquesne over 6 BYU?                         11 Oregon over  6  S. Carolina?
Gerry Sexton                                  51                                   Gary Pietrzak,  Ash,                                
ROS6007 #2                                           48                        
               & Harry Jaffe                                      57
Scott Meyer, Erich Adams 2                                                               Goose, Catamounted                                        
& Chris Colmone                                  45                                          & Chris Colmone                                    56

6 Clemson over 2 Arizona??                        12 Grand Canyon over 5  St Mary's??
Devin Warnken                              63                                        Dave Koelper  2                              62                                       

                                                   58                                             Michael Boik 2                                       60                                 
Jeff Gaut, Scott Meyer                                                                           Michael Boik                                          55
& James Thomas 2                                55

5 Alabama to Final Four??       12 James Madison over 5 Wisconsin??     
DreamDreamyDreams                    61                                        Dave Koelper  2                              63                                                              
King/Dogs & Karl's Upsetto Pool         60                                              Catamounted                                         60      
Marc'sBros, LNC                                                                                     Scratchy                                                 58  
Chris Comone & Karl's Upsetto Pool   59                                                

13 Yale over 4 Auburn??                14 Oakland over 3 Kentucky???
Michael Boik                                   45                                           Larry Cohen                                 44
Catamounted                                          35                                                Larry Rothenberg                                35
Joe Joo                                                     31                                                E Hooter                                               33

It never fails to amaze that there are so many people out there than can predict these upsets with such confidence!  Let's move on to the standings.