Wimpy's March Madness 2023

For newer players, reading the results table is very easy. The number on the far left is the player's current position. As the tournament progresses, the numbers immediately to the right show that player's position in previous rounds. Careful scrutiny of these numbers will suggest which contestants will be hard to beat (because they made a big move up), or are losing ground and dropping out of contention. Each player's assignment for each surviving team is posted in the corresponding cell. TLY (Tally) is the raw score total for that round. BNS (Bonus) is the additional award for accurately predicting advancing teams.   As the top seeds fall, there will be fewer and fewer entries with their Final Four intact.

Ryan Rozycki has extended his Round 1 lead to 46 points. With all of the #1 seeds now eliminated, I doubt there is a viable contender to displace him. The race now seems to be for second place. Ryan is the only player with his 64 and 63 teams still intact, and I'd be very surprised if there is a player close enough to overtake him. By the end of Sunday's games, I will be able to verify what I'm already quite sure is going to be the case. The top eight places will make the overall awards.

I believe this is the first time in Wimpy's March Madness' 37 year history that not a single #1, #2, or #3 seed has made it to the Final Four. We have had years where most of the favorites were knocked out, and when that happens, most players end up locked into their previous positions. Although I haven't officially run the numbers, I feel confident in predicting that Ryan Rozycki will win the 2023 Wimpy's March Madness Competition. Not a single entry predicted even TWO of the Final Four, but with ONE correct, and the only subtotal over 200, Ryan easily wins the 2023 Final Four Prize of $150.  Clearly, there will be no Final Two prize this year. While it has been an exciting tournament, for most of you the mystery is over, and unless you have some Wimpy Squares, most of the interest as well. Before you completely give up on 2023, you may want to take one more moment to check out the numbers Ryan put on some of this year's Dark Horses, and show some respect for one hell of an entry.   

As we normally do at this time of the tournament, let's look at some of the major upsets and how our players fared:

Penn St over Texas A&M?                  Pittsburgh over Iowa St?
Ron Fogel                              61                           Roorab                                         51
Cheri Bjerkan, John Kowal,                 
                             Ellen Wiebe                                              49
Mike Russo II                                 57                  
            William Lippert & King of the Dogs       48               

Miami (Fl) over Indiana?                   Furman over Virginia ?
Larry Rothenberg                        61                    Michael Boik                                54
Dave Koelper 2 & Jeff Gaut                  59                         Terry Reddington 2                                 52              
Jeff Seremak 2,  Mike Russo                                              Matt Hensing                                          51
& Jerry Vandermolen,                            58       

Creighton over Baylor??                    Michigan State over Marquette?
Ryan Rozycki & Larry Rothenberg    63             Joe Joo & The Guv                                               59                                       

                                                            62                  Cheri Bjerkan                                                                         58                                 
Doug Scott, Michael Boik 2,                                                Matt Scott, K Adams, Adam Justus, & David Ingles II       57
& Michael Jacobus                                         61

Arkansas over Kansas??      Princeton over Arizona??
Devin Warnken                             58                   Gerry Sexton                         29
Dan Lamb & KSOTTO                            51                        Dan Kelly                                        27
Jason Beam & Jeff Seremak 2               49  
                 Paul Astorino                                   26       

F.D.U. over Purdue???             San Diego State over Alabama???
Scott Meyer                                   30                   Dave Anderson                                  58
Jack Hinnendael                                        21                        Rich Shive 2 & Luke Jaffe                            57
Gerry Sexton                                             17                         Rich Shive 1 & Brian Gerke                         55

It never fails to amaze that there are so many people out there than can predict these upsets with such confidence!  Let's move on to the standings.