Wimpy Standard

General Approach: Two Over One Game Force Except When Suit Rebid.
Very Light:
3-level bids

No Trump Opening Bids:
15-17 all seats
5 Card Major Common
Systems On over Conventional Double, 2C     Over a Conventional Double, xx shows
                    `                                              VALUES - willing to possibly defend

Over Penalty Double: Systems On, except xx promises a 5 card minor, and PASS is forcing.
                                Opener must re-open with either a 5 card suit or a xx (When he doesn't
                                own one). When Responder redoubles, Opener puppets to 2C, which
                                Responder will pass or correct.

Stayman - Including Garbage Stayman (Does not guarantee a 4 card major)
                When Opener denies a 4 card major
(2D), a jump to 3 of a major is a Smolen Transfer
Lebensohl (Fast Denies)
Negative Double - 3 level only
2D: Transfer to H
2H: Transfer to S
Preaccept major suit transfers with all 4 card holdings. 3 of the Major shows 15;
2NT shows 16-17 with 4-3-3-3;  3 of a new suit shows 16-17 with a doubleton in the bid suit.

2S:    Transfer to C
2NT: Transfer to D
Preaccept all minor suit transfers with Ax(x)(x), Kxx(x), or xxxx.
When Responder transfers to a minor, and Opener does
NOT Pre-accept, a rebid of 3NT is a
SLAM TRY. When Opener
DOES Pre-accept, Responder makes a slam try by bidding a new suit.

3C: 5-5 (or more) in the MINORS, Non Forcing
3D: 5-5 (or more) in the MINORS, Forcing
3H: 5-5 (or more) in the MAJORS Invitational - With Non-Forcing values, use Garbage Stayman
3S: 5-5 (or more) in the MAJORS, Forcing
4D: Texas Transfer to 4H (off over interference of 3D or higher)
4H: Texas Transfer to 4S  (off over interference of 3D or higher)

2NT: 20-21
Puppet Stayman
- All non-transfer sequences must start with Puppet Stayman
Jacoby Transfers
:      On
Texas Transfers
:       On
Minor Suit Transfers
On  (2NT - 3NT is NOT to play!!)
If Responder starts with 3D (transfer to Hearts), Opener bids 3H (forced), and Responder
rebids 3S - This cancels the Transfer and becomes a Minor Suit Stayman bid.

3NT:  Gambling. No outside A or K in 1st or 2nd Seat. It is accepted and expected
            that Opener will have an outside A or K in 3rd or 4th Seat.

Other NT Conventions:
After a Stayman bid and a major suit response, bidding the other major on the 3-level shows a game-forcing unspecified splinter. Opener puppets next step to find out the suit.
After a Stayman bid and a major suit response, or a Jacoby Transfer to a Major, 4C is RCKG (1430)
After a Jacoby Transfer, a jump to 4 in the suit is a SLAM TRY. A jump to 4NT is QUANTITATIVE.
After a Texas Transfer, 4NT is RCKB (1430)

Major Suit Openings:
Expected Length in all seats: 5 or more
Double Raise: Preemptive - (Bergen)    After Overcall - Double Raise: Preemptive
Conventional Forcing Raise: 2NT (Jacoby)
3C: 4+ piece Constructive Raise   (Bergen)            3D: 4+ piece Limit Raise (Bergen)  
                                                                        3NT: 4-3-3-3 (3 in the major) with 13-15 pts.
1NT:  Semi Forcing
Reverse 2-Way Drury:  On                When opponent doubles the major, 2C is 3 card
                                                       Constructive Raise, 2D is 4 card Constructive Raise,
                                                       2NT is 4 card
Limit Raise, and xx starts a 3 card limit
                                                       raise sequence.
2-Way Game Tries over 1M - 2M:     All direct 3 level bids are SHORT SUIT Game Tries.
                                                       HELP SUIT game tries are made by puppeting to the
                                                       next bid. Responder answers by bidding the CHEAPEST
                                                       suit in which he would accept a Help Suit Game Try.
                                                       2NT (after 1H - 2H - 2S*) shows a willingness to accept
                                                       a Help Suit Game try in Spades.

Minor Suit Openings:
Expected Length in all seats: 3 or more
Double Raise: Preemptive - (Inverted showing 0-5 pts)   
After Overcall - Double Raise: Preemptive
After Double - Double Raise: Limit (Flip Flop)
   After Double - 2NT: Preemptive (Flip Flop)
Jump Shift in Other Minor: Normal Minimum Raise of 6-9 pts.
Single Raise: Forcing (Inverted)     Used on strong hands of 16+ and unbalanced hands of
                                                   invitational or better strength

1NT: 6-10 hcps                    2NT: 11-12 hcps                    3NT: 13-15 hcps

2C:  Strong, Artificial, and Forcing
          Responses:     2D: Artificial Game Forcing Waiting Bid    2H: Very Negative Waiting Bid   
                                2NT: 5+ Hearts with 2 top honors

2D: 2H: 2S: Weak Two Bids 5-11 HCPs. In 1st, 2nd, or 4th Seat promises 6 card suit with
                          2 of top 3 honors, or 3 of top 5, and a suit quality no worse than KJTxxx.

Responses:    New Suit Forcing, 2NT asks for feature, 3C asks for shortness

Negative thru 4H                              Responsive thru 4S                Maximal thru 3H
Support (and redoubles) thru 2H        Card Showing

In competitive auctions, double usually shows extras, or top of range,
with no clear call. Partner is expected to
"do something intelligent"

No Trump Overcalls: 15 to 18 Hcps, Systems are on
Balancing:                 11-14 Hcps (Sometimes light) systems are off
Jump to 2NT:             2 Lower Unbid Suits, generally either a very good or very poor hand.

Simple Overcall:   Generally 7 to 17 hcps (occasionally light)
Responses:                      New Suit is FORCING by an Unpassed Hand.
                                      By Passed Hand, a new suit is almost always
values in the bid suit. A passed Responder (to an overcall)
                                      should only bid a new suit if he is willing to play it one level higher.

Jump Raise:        Preemptive        Cue Bid: Limit or Better          Jump Cue Bid: Splinter

Defense vs 1 No Trump:    Direct Seat            Balance Seat            Passed Hand
Cappelleti                  2C               
Unspec. 1 suit        Unspec. 1 suit             Minors
2D               Majors                   Majors                       Majors
2H               Hearts & Minor      Hearts & Minor          Hearts & Minor
2S                Spades & Minor     Spades & Minor         Spades & Minor
X                Penalty 15+            Co-op - 11-14            Unspec. 1 Suit

Jump Overcall:         Weak

Opening Preempts: Very Light

Direct Cue Bid:        Top suit and another

Over Opp's T/O Double:
    1-level: New Suit is Forcing 1 Round        2-level: New Suit is Non-Forcing           
implies no fit
    2NT: Over a major suit:  4+ piece Limit Raise or better          Over a Minor Suit - Preemptive

VS Opening Preempts - Double is   Takeout thru 4S (3 suited takeout)   (4NT suggests a 2 suited takeout)
                                                                        Lebensohl 2NT
over Weak 2's
Slam Conventions

1430 Blackwood        1430 Gerber        3014 Exclusion Blackwood        D0P1    R0P1    DEPO       
5NT: Specific Kings   Q ask, if yes, bid cheapest unshown King.

Leads and Carding:
Ace from Ace-King                            Jack denies a higher honor        Ten or Nine show 0 or 2       
Queen from AKQ demands count        Q from KQT9                         UDCA              
Odd-Even Discards                            4th Best vs. NT                        3/5 vs. Suits

Other Conventional Calls:
New Minor Forcing            4th Suit Forcing to Game          Lebensohl over Reverses       
Flannery Defense               Sandwich NT
Unusual vs. Unusual (Diamonds to Spades - Clubs to Hearts)
Unusual vs. Michaels (Spades to Diamonds - Hearts to Clubs)